About Pets 'N Politics


Hi there, my name is Loki and my humans started Pets 'n Politics on my good advice.  They had trouble finding good products at reasonable prices for me, so they went straight to the source, and then decided to offer those pieces to you all too!


Like many of you, my humans love America and want everyone to be engaged in our great nation and involved in selecting only the best people to represent us. 

Because I am the love of their lives, they decided to combine their love of country with their love of ME! 

Whenever you see “Loki’s Pick” on items in the store, it means that I have personally tried the product and give it my stamp of approval.

Keep in mind as you shop, that my humans had to search the WHOLE WORLD to find great products, so sometimes it MIGHT take longer to receive your order.  Also if you order more than one item it might come in a separate package!  (Yay, we love the mailman!) 

If you are ever worried about ANYTHING, don’t hesitate to drop us an email!  If you encounter ANY trouble at all in the store, please let us know so we can help!  EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER is SUPER important to us and we WILL help you. Contact Us 24/7 at...



Thank You For Your Business.

 **Don’t forget, sometimes human mail from the other side of the world takes a little time.  Don’t worry, we’ll keep track and keep you in the loop!